Sunday, May 22, 2011


Austrian wiener schnitzel—breaded pork or veal
This week Alan and I headed over to Wienerschnitzel, a national fast-food chain that specializes in hot dogs. Ironically, the Austrian dish wiener schnitzel doesn’t have very much to do with hot dogs. 

'Der' menu is pretty interesting. Wienerschnitzel has your basic hot dogs along with some specialty items like the Bacon Wrapped Dog, the Pretzel Bun Chili Dog, and the Sea Dog (a fish stick in a hot dog bun). You won’t sea us trying that anytime soon...

We decided to try the Street Dog and the Pretzel Bun Chili Dog. We were pretty hungry so we also got an order of mini corn dogs.
Once we got our food, we were pretty glad that we had ordered the mini corn dogs because the hot dogs were way small. Also, they did not look quite as appetizing as they had on the menu.

The Pretzel Bun Chili Dog—chili, pretzel bun, cheese
We got the Pretzel Bun Chili Dog because we thought the pretzel bun sounded interesting. The chili was pretty good, nothing amazing but not bad.  The cheese was fine, although not melted very well. The pretzel bun was interesting, but you couldn’t really taste it with all of the chili. Definitely a cool idea though.

The Street Dog- onions, bacon, mayo, mustard, and KETCHUP
Upon getting home and doing a little Wienerschnitzel research, we discovered that the Street Dog we ate came with ketchup on it! Alan was mortified.

In Chicago, it is a cardinal sin to put ketchup on your hot dog. Alan was pretty upset to learn he had betrayed the standards of his hometown.

Besides the ketchup, which we didn’t even notice while eating the hot dog, the street dog was also okay. The crispy bacon was a nice change of texture, and the onions were pretty strong. You could honestly probably make something very similar at home.

The mini corn dogs were the best thing we had at Wienerschnitzel. It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with a corn dog.

If you’re serious about hot dogs, or are concerned about really quality meat, Wienerschnitzel probably isn’t your best bet. But the place is a little quirky and the food is decent so we still had a good time.


We went to the Wienerschnitzel at 314 N. State Street in Orem.

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  1. Oh Rachel, I love what you are doing (hot dogs are amazing!) But let's be honest, Provo doesn't exactly have the best selection. I think you need to come do some research in California...San Diego isn't even that great for hot dog places, but L.A. and San Francisco definitely are. I know this after extensive research on the subject (Did you ever see "The Search for America's Best Hot Dog" stuff on Serious Eats?)

  2. Colin says you should mail us $9 so we can guest-eat a corned beef "hot dog" in Seattle for you. :D

  3. By the way, I think I should add, that comment was mostly sarcastic! ;)

  4. I remember part of the agreement to get you to do this was that I would eat a hot dog with ketchup on it. Does this satisfy the agreement even though I did it unknowingly??

  5. I agree. Ketchup doesn't belong on hot dogs.

  6. Ashley: Don't worry, I laughed pretty hard reading your comment :)

    Alan: Probably not...