Monday, June 6, 2011

Five Guys

This week Alan and I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries...for hot dogs. We were both a little sad to watch people eat delicious hamburgers all around us, but our hot dogs were pretty good too.

We ordered a Bacon Cheese Dog and a Kosher Dog. At Five Guys, you can top your burger or hot dog with whatever you want from their toppings menu, which includes a ton of stuff ranging from staples such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc., to fancier stuff like A1 and grilled mushrooms. 

For the Bacon Cheese Dog, we decided on onions, mushrooms, and mustard. We topped the Kosher Dog with hot sauce, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Mushrooms are kind of an odd topping for hot dogs, but we both love them and they worked.

Kosher Dog

Bacon Cheese Dog
The hot dogs themselves were good. They were sliced in half and opened flat so they kind of seemed like we were eating sandwiches. The cheese with the bacon was a little salty for me, so I would probably recommend either a Kosher Dog or a Bacon Dog without the cheese. 

We must admit the burgers were pretty tempting. Everyone else around us had one, while we were the only two people in the restaurant eating hot dogs. But even after six weeks of eating dogs, they were still good. That's pretty impressive in itself.

Alan dutifully eating his weekly hot dog
Even better was the fry sauce. For those of you reading who aren’t from Utah, fry sauce is a mixture of equal parts ketchup and mayo. Some people add spices, or use BBQ sauce instead of ketchup. Either way, it’s pretty good. The mayo may sound gross, but you have to try it before making a face.

Fry Sauce
You can find it everywhere in Utah. Even chain restaurants like Five Guys, who usually don’t serve fry sauce, have it available in Utah. People who have been here long enough (perhaps too long...) sometimes forget that you can’t find fry sauce pretty much anywhere else in the country.

This led Alan and I to wonder: What other foods/condiments/etc. are commonplace in one region, but virtually unknown everywhere else?

Let us know, we’re curious!

We went to the Five Guys at 1051 South 750 East in Orem.

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  1. Old Bay. It's a seafood seasoning from Maryland used mainly for seasoning crabs and shrimp, but is good on everything (I know b/c I put it on everything). You can buy it most places, but I've never met anybody outside of MD who knows what it is.

  2. cool blog! can we go to a hot dog place as well in slc? and can i be featured here? =)

  3. In West Virginia pepperoni rolls are extremely common. They’re sold in every gas station and made in most homes, but I recently realized they aren’t anywhere else. A pepperoni roll is basically a home-made roll baked with pepperoni sticks (or slices) inside. Most include mozzarella or pepper jack cheese as well.