Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Purple Turtle

This week Alan and I went to The Purple Turtle in Pleasant Grove. We had driven past the place a couple of times and had always wanted to go. How could a place called “The Purple Turtle” not be cool?

The Purple Turtle only sells one type of hot dog, a foot long. We decided to each get one along with some fries and a pineapple shake. Once we got our food, Alan discovered that there was KETCHUP on the hot dogs. How embarrassing—this is Alan’s second hot dog with ketchup for this blog.

The hot dogs were okay. They were topped with ketchup, mustard, and a ton of relish. Neither of us finished them, which is a Hot Dog a Week first. Honestly there’s not much to report about the dogs.

Just couldn't finish..

The Purple Turtle is a pretty interesting place though. The food is decent, nothing special really, but it seems like a really popular place to hang out. There was a ton of seating, and I could imagine it filling up pretty easily. Which is pretty cool seeing as it’s not a chain restaurant. Fast food but independent.

On a related note, Alan and I both love to people watch. The Purple Turtle's popularity draws a variety of crowds, making it a great place for people watching. We come up with pretty elaborate and extensive stories about the people we see. While eating our hot dogs, we watched a couple in a booth kitty-corner to ours. The guy was talking and talking and talking, while the girl was politely nodding. Was she bored out of her mind, or is she just quiet? First date? Married? Who knows. We had fun figuring out their story.

Smiles for miles

You should definitely check out The Purple Turtle if you're in Utah, but maybe order something besides a hot dog. (Blasphemous, I know.)   :)

The Purple Turtle is located at 85 East State Road in Pleasant Grove.

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  1. i just don't understand how someone could assume you want ketchup on your hot dog. every standard hot dog picture features mustard. plain, simple, beautiful.

  2. Yellow Bottle Mustard is Yucky.