Monday, August 1, 2011

J Dawgs

This last week, my friend Adriel left rainy Washington to come visit me in Provo! I was very happy to see her for a few days after spending so much time apart away at school. I was really glad that she and Alan could meet after hearing so much about each other.

As part of Adriel’s welcome to Provo and BYU, we took her to J Dawgs on our weekly hot dog excursion. J Dawgs is a staple in many students’ diets. It’s inexpensive (probably one of the cheapest places we’ve gone to get a hot dog) and it’s right next to campus. During the school year, there is a line that wraps outside the building around lunchtime.

J Dawgs started as a small red shack (pictured above) in 2004, and was opened by a down-and-out BYU student. The restaurant has now moved to the building next door, but the menu is still very simple. You choose either polish or beef, and you can top it with any combination of their condiments. One of J Dawgs’ specialties is their Special Sauce, sort of a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. If you’re a first-timer, be sure to ditch the ketchup and go for the Special Sauce instead.

This really is a great place to go. There are definitely no frills here, and might not be our top pick for a dog, but it’s got a great atmosphere and friendly employees (such as Alan’s friend Tom).

Many people have asked why we haven’t covered J Dawgs yet. One reason is that Alan and I both feel that a lot of people go to J Dawgs and J Dawgs alone to get their hot dog fix. We wanted to see what else was out there.

Another reason for delaying our visit is that this is where Alan and I first came up with our Hot Dog A Week Project, so we had to wait a bit before coming back. When we found out that Adriel was coming we knew it would be the perfect place to take her.

The rest of Adriel’s visit was spent exploring the best a Utah summer has to offer. We enjoyed lots of sunshine, swimming, HGTV, bike rides, Temple Square, thunderstorms, Park City, and hiking Y Mountain. 

On the top of Y Mountain
Friends since Kindergarten :)
J Dawgs is located at 858 N 700 E in Provo.

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