Sunday, September 4, 2011

BYU Creamery

So after a hot, fun, and busy summer it was back to school this week for Rachel and I. Despite all the time we'll now spend reading and doing homework and studying for exams I think we were both excited to return to class. This week was exciting for me especially since I experienced my last first day of class; I'm only taking 6 credit hours, mostly working, and I'll be graduating in December.

Since this week was all about getting back to school we decided to get hot dogs on the very campus of Brigham Young University at the Creamery on Ninth East. The BYU Creamery is famous for their dairy products including "Cookies and Cream Milk" and numerous flavors of ice cream. It also features a full service grill serving burgers and other items to order. The Creamery is not known for its hot dogs but we decided to give them a try anyway.

We decided to order hot dogs as part of kids meals which for $3.50 include a hot dog, a LOT of fries, a drink, and a serving of ice cream. The hot dogs come plain so for an extra 10 cents we ordered some grilled onions as well. The line for ice cream was pretty long so we decided to get our ice cream while we were still at the counter which meant we would be eating it well before our food was ready. Rachel ordered Marionberry ice cream and I ordered "Bishop's Bash" (obviously a Mormon inspired flavor of chocolate ice cream, caramel, and pecans). The ice cream was delicious as always and it was fun to start our dinner with dessert. Once we were done with the ice cream our food was ready. We topped our hot dogs in mustard. They were small and simple but they weren't bad dogs, at least not for the price. We ordered steak cut fries and garlic fries which were both very good. We of course ate them with fry sauce.

Bishop's Bash Ice Cream

Our hot dogs were served over a bed of fries. Weird.
We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves for the rest of the night but ended up at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Provo Canyon. We went to a session called "Shivers in the Night" where we listened to five storytellers share scary tales. It was fun but a little chilly. It was also late so I fell asleep during the second and third stories and Rachel missed the fourth and fifth stories. This made talking about the stories we liked difficult, but it was still an interesting evening and a fun thing to do.

Well since summer is coming to a close and school is back in session it seems appropriate to wrap up our hot dog eating adventures. We're going to finish up by having some dogs on Labor Day and next week will likely be our last post. Its been a lot of fun, but there are only so many hot dogs one can eat.

The BYU Creamery on Ninth is located at 1209 N 900 E in Provo, Utah.

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