Monday, June 27, 2011

Kranky Franks

It is getting HOT in Utah. At least for me—I’m from Washington, so I’m used to it being 55 and rainy this time of year. My pasty skin is having a hard time adjusting, but I’m loving the sunshine.

Anyway, to celebrate the beginning of the dog days of summer, Alan and I went to Kranky Franks in Springville. The place was a little busy when we first got there, so we had some time to chat with the owners while they were catching up and cooking our food.

I think this was the first time we’ve talked with the owners of a hot dog place. We got to tell them about our blog and our hot dog a week project. They were really fun to talk to, and it was nice to meet people who also appreciated a good hot dog.

We ordered a Danger Dog (a ¼ lb. polish named after the owners, the Dangerfield’s) and a Big Dog, a ¼ lb. beef hot dog. We topped the Danger Dog with sport peppers, sauerkraut, onions, and Dog Sauce (a sweet BBQ-ish sauce). On the Big Dog, we had kraut, a dill pickle, banana peppers, and some more Dog Sauce.

Big Dog
Danger Dog

The dogs were way good, probably some of our favorites so far. Make sure you order some of their onion rings too if you go. Everything was really filling, which makes this place perfect for a quick, inexpensive lunch. We decided to hike Y-mountain afterwards, so maybe hot dogs weren’t the best idea . . . but it was still a good time with good food and great company. 

Hiking Y-Mountain

Kranky Franks is located at 388 N. Main Street in Springville.

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